´Why am I here ?´

Long ago, I used to travel quite extensively. South America , Northern Africa and eventually India … and later some other places.

What I remember especially about traveling in India was making friends with fellow backpackers. At the end of each day we would sit on the roof, make a fire and tell stories to each other. Stories or even just random thoughts on philosophy, meditation, the meaning of life and that kind of stuff. It now is more than ten years ago … but I still think back about those days and remember them as being filled with joy and satisfaction.

I would like my blog to reflect some of the thought patterns of back in those days … some of the craziness, the humour and the depth of the conversations. That is why this blog is here…to share on life and other good things … So I guess I would mainly like to connect with other people on the roof, if there are any of you out there. …  😉


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