Je suis Charlie

Today was the day of the big manifestation in Paris. All the big world leaders were there plus about a million other people. Right now I am in Brussels but actually part of me wanted to be there. Paris, the city of light, city at the center of the world right now. It´s not that far from here, I could have taken the train this morning… I live in Brussels this week and I feel with what happened in France.

I´ve thought a lot these past few days. What is happening in France, in the world, for that matter? Are we standing up for freedom of speech or are we sympathizing with the victims ? I am for freedom of speech, I can´t get around that. I also felt this oneness in the street earlier this week. It was everywhere you looked. People had only one thing on their mind and it was the terrible attack earlier that week on Charlie Hebdo. On Thursday when I arrived in Brussels and went for a walk in town I had the general feeling that muslims I met where ashamed. Just by looking at them they almost all looked away, looked down as I walked in the street. It had also shocked them.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the world needs to be shaken up once in a while, to get pushed in the right direction again. This kind of thing does something with people, it actually brings people together how horrific it may be. I visited New York six months after 9/11 and everybody was full about how much the city had changed since then. People cared more about each other, actually even talked to each other. On the place of the Twin Towers there were two gigantic lights installed which shined brightly in the sky.

I also happened to be in Norway a few weeks after Anders Breivik had killed 77 people. The same story there, the drama had brought people together, there was a massive peace demonstration in Oslo where people were preaching tolerance.

Somehow these mass drama´s bring people together. People end up standing closely together, supporting each other. I wish there were no killings first before people came together. I feel like protesting now. At least then you´re together in a way. Shouldn´t we march against what is happening in Syria and Irak or Sudan ? Is there someone who wants to march with me, maybe for the climate or for yes, … Christ ? Let us all march for something this week.

This is for my dream reader …

P.S. : Probably I should give someone credit for the picture which I just plucked from the internet and don´t remember where it came from … thank you!


2 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie

  1. I like how you state that people stand together. I believe it is the case. We’ve seen it here in Australia after the Sydney Siege as well. I like your blog and what you are saying. Where can I find your About? I am using the same theme you are and added some pages. Maybe you want to check it out? As a suggestion: Add an About page, people like to check out who is writing 😉

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