Photo challenge, Day 2 : Street snapshots


Goodmorning, the view from my bedroom on the tiny gravel street. What a sunny day !


arriving at work … also a street 🙂


Talking a walk on the main street of Hamar … still incredibly sunny. Thank you for the colors God. (lots of days this street is really grey, when the weather is overcast.)


Straight into the sun, I don´t know if it photography wise is a good idea to do that, but I love it … This is Hamar train station by the way … always welcome to visit.


Timber !


zebra crossing (to the lake and the stunning view)


… back in the street where I work.  See you next time 🙂


6 thoughts on “Photo challenge, Day 2 : Street snapshots

  1. Great shots. I particularly like the one with the zebra crossing. The road in the foreground and the lake and hills in the background make for a nice contrast!

  2. The Hamar train station photo is magnificent! Depending on how you frame your shot and adjust your camera’s settings, staring right into the sun could be really good.

    Your photos truly are establishing shots. They capture the essence of the streets without it being overpowered by details. Great works!


    • Thank you! The station one is my favorite one, cause it was straight into the sun and I don´t know much about the setting of the camera yet. So I played with aperture and something else and this came out. 🙂

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