The road …

roadtrip sunset

A couple of days ago I took this picture.  A friend and I were travelling on a roadtrip in Norway. It was good but hard sometimes. Sometimes life gets compared with a road. For me it hasn´t  always been an easy road. But like with this picture, it seems that at least I am going somewhere good. I hope that it is the same for you.

God is love

Where are you heading ?



When I´m out of inspiration or just lost … you will always find me at the waterside …


I like this one because it is also so figurative. Like an invitation into heaven …

The next picture is taken one hundred meters away from there and is just a summer shot bustling with activity


Same water, different day …  🙂

weekly photo challenge : muse

Roy G. Biv


As I have been away for a while this is the first post since March  … Yesterday I managed to take some pictures of a rainbow. I was with some friends so I did also a picture of them…

IMG_0563 IMG_0579

What do you think, they are taken with the Iphone 5s …


With this last one maybe my hand was shaking a bit , ;D


Greets !

Day 9 : Warmth & the Quality of Light

I feel like today I could have taken some better pictures, but here they are …


I kind of liked the light in the room, but didn´t capture it completely … it was afternoon.

Joachim is standing right in the sun and therefore squints …


🙂  … the sun is too bright … I should have come back a bit later maybe.

Next, some warmth but actually not from the light, it was very dark in the stable … (iso 3200)


This is a picture from our main building in the evening light, quite warm I would say …


Greetings !

Day 7 : Big & Point of View

I think my friend´s truck is quite big …big5

He just cleaned it … Do you like how the house reflects in the window ?


also in the next one I like the reflecting colors on the grill …


This window is just very big.


It´s up for sale , you want it ? It´s in perfect condition !


In the evening we played some pool … me and Svein Ola … we used a huge cue ball.


Thanks, see you tomorrow !

Day 5, Solitude !

Today I had some time and started with a bicycle ride to find photo´s on solitude …

It speaks for itself ...

It speaks for itself …

a bit further a looked down the road and felt quite lonely …


I decided a bit later to go to the lake …


A diving board without water … (in wintertime there is always a lot less water in the lake).


A lonely pier …


nobody here …


I love it !!!     🙂

Day 3 : Water

Today I took a train ride to Oslo and back … I had about an hour time there to take photo´s.


This one is taken from the train while it is riding … Would you care to jump in the water ?


At the Oslo Opera, I took a whole lot of bad pictures. I ended up with liking this one, because it had some color in it.


I just love boats …


and shrimps …


… end of the day. 🙂